Our Story

Michelle (Head of School) and her family.

Brad & Michelle Bowen are originally from Idaho, but feel right at home in Texas! They have six children and have been educating them at home for the past four {crazy}, years! During that time, Michelle has spent her time diving deep into questions like, “what is REAL education?” and “how can I foster DEEP, LIFELONG learning (as opposed to teaching to a test) in my children?” Her research resulted in finding many satisfying answers---that proved very difficult to implement in a home environment, especially with six children. Brad lovingly supported the “crazy way of educating our children” from afar until Michelle began to read to him (we were in the car on a long road trip—he couldn’t escape!!) from Courage To Grow, a book about how Acton Academy came to be. After a few pages, Brad was hooked too.

“Do we need to start a school so our kids can go there?” Together they decided that although they would miss having all of the children at home, Acton was what their children—AND ALL CHILDREN—deserve; an education that is driven by choice, fosters independence, and results in a deep love for learning and discovery. While this new adventure is taking most of Michelle’s time now, in the past she has owned and operated a Children’s Performing Arts School, worked as an independent graphic designer and photographer and been involved with Community Theater. Brad’s education is in Human Resources and Corporate Training. He also loves musical theater, working with technology and gadgets, marketing/sales and teaching an early morning religion class for teenagers from their church. Together, Brad and Michelle enjoy tropical vacations and traveling.

Our Team

Kellee Clark

Compass Studio Guide

Kellee is a mother of 5 and will be a grandmother for the first time this October! She has been teaching children for the past 25 years and has homeschooled her children since 2007. She has been a saught-after mentor for home educators in the area, especially with her expertise in transcripts, dual-credit courses and the ever popular “how do I get my kid into a great college?” question. Her calm confidence helps students of all ages to trust and appreciate her wisdom—but her enthusiasm for fun is infectious and gets them deeply involved in learning. She has used this gift as a certified Let’s Play Music teacher and piano instructor for many years. She also writes her own music and guides her music students to do the same. Kellee loves traveling, reading, watching Marvel movies, crocheting, and going to Girls Camp. She met her husband her senior year in high school while he was serving in the United States Marine Corps and they‘ve been married for 23 years. Kellee is passionate about education and her example has taught her own children that learning is a life-long process no matter how many degrees you have or how old you are. She is ecstatic to now use that passion as a Guide for the Compass Studio at Acton Academy: The Woodlands.

Mindy McLane

Navigation Studio Guide

Mindy is a native Californian but got to Texas as quick as she could! She has lived in Magnolia for the last 10 years with her husband and 4 kids. Her background is in education. She graduated from BYU with a degree in Elementary Education and taught in public schools for two years. She loved every minute of it but left teaching to raise her kids. She has loved raising her kids and helping them learn and grow into amazing young people.

Mindy is in love with learning. She always has a book or course in her hand and is always striving to improve her world, inside and outside of her home. She has been super involved with Boy and Girl Scouts, coaching kids sports teams, personal coaching, and in leading PTO.

Most recently, Mindy has played a key role in kick starting a non-profit organization with fellow moms to advocate for and protect Homeopathy and medical choice freedom (one of her many passions). This included building a team of people that could execute social media and outreach campaigns, leading video podcast discussions for education and planning, and even traveling to Washington DC to meet with US congressmen and congresswoman.

If you asked Mindy where she would find herself on a perfect day, it would be with her family on their six-seater UTV in the mountains enjoying the beauties of this world!

Mindy is thrilled to be involved with this new adventure of being a guide at Acton.

Wendy Eldredge


Wendy was born in Indiana and has lived in Louisiana, California, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Texas. She has lived in Texas for the past 12 years with her husband, four children, and grandmother, and feels she has finally found home.

Wendy loves Texas, the Astros, white water rafting, tacos, dark chocolate, traveling, and learning. Her most embarrassing experience at school is when the fire department was called to her elementary school to “rescue” her lip from a metal apple-juice can.

Wendy has worked with several Boy Scout units for the past 14 years. She co-developed and ran an elaborate ceremony to present the Arrow of Light award. She also developed and runs a program that has been sought after by many neighboring units which educates and guides new Boy Scouts and their parents on the process of becoming an Eagle Scout.

Wendy is a passionate learner and teacher. She set a goal to read 52 books in 52 weeks last year while taking online college classes, caring for her grandma, teaching an online religion class and mentoring her son while he learned how to educate himself at home. Although she has just recently gone back to college after fourteen years of no formal schooling, she has never stopped learning and is excited to have Acton Academy part of her Hero’s Journey.

Natalie Clark

Embark K-2 Studio Guide

I'm a mother of 5 beautiful children and have been married to my sweetheart for 22 yrs. Our family lived in Northern CA for 18 yrs. before moving to Magnolia, Texas 4 yrs. ago.To help our growing family and to be able to stay home with my children, I opened an in home daycare.

Over the 20 yrs. of raising my own children, I have also raised countless others. I have loved on babies, toddlers, elementary age, and kids with special needs.

During this time, I especially worked with the preschool aged children to get them ready for kindergaten. I have kept myself up to date on new and upcoming curriculm as I have homeschooled my youngest 2 children the last 4 yrs.

My hope is that with my teaching knowledge and my community volunteering as a sunday school teacher, nursery leader, cub scout leader, and coach will help in my nurturing of your children. Danai and I are excited to share our joy of learning with your child and bring out the hero in them.

Danai Mooneyham

Embark K-2 Studio Guide

I'm a mother of 3, a mother in law, and a Grandma to some of the best kids around. I've been married for 25 yrs. to the funniest and most supportive man I know. I am a California native, but have loved the Southern hospitality of Texas for the last 6 yrs

I'm so excited to teach your little heroes. I taught Kindergarten and First grade for 5 yrs. and then used that knowledge to open my own preschool in California that I proudly ran for 10 yrs. While finishing my degree in Early Childhood development and attaining my CA Teaching Certificate, I worked teaching preschool in the Bay Area.

I have 20 yrs. of teaching experience, plus many years of volunteer work involving my children's schools, church leadership and community events.

I love Magnolia and can't wait to meet and help your children learn through joy and purpose!

Coach Jake

PE Coach

Jake is a Sports enthusiast. He grew up in Utah where he and his friends played sports all the time. His favorite memories include playing roller-hockey, soccer, basketball, and many other sports in the street or in a friend’s backyard. Sports taught him how to lead a team to victory, find optimism in the face of adversity, and learned how to work as a team to accomplish a goal. Though sports played a major role in his life, he found a love for music. One of the first instruments he ever played was the drums at 6 years old. He used pie pans, a paint bucket and chopsticks and made up some beats. Since then he has played other instruments like the clarinet, saxophone, guitar, and piano.

Jake is a certified Physical Education Teacher in Texas and has been working in education for 10 years. He has a passion to coach and teach kids. Most recently, he has launched a new business that specializes in teaching kids the fundamentals of sports. With this initiative, kids learn how to play more than 7 sports in a school year. He is very excited to teach at Acton Academy. They have a great way of learning and students are brilliant!

Miss Jessie

Art Guide

Jessie is 24 years old and has been teaching art since she was 15. She has a passion for working with kids, helping them better understand what it means to be an artist and watching them become more confident in their own creativity in the process. She grew up really interested in entrepreneurship and started a Young Entrepreneurship Club with her mother at 17 and has created five businesses since she began doing so in high school. Her most recent venture is a summer art camp, Camp Craft, which she has run for the past 5 years. She recently returned from Bulgaria (for the second time) where she was invited to teach Art and English. Jessie has two younger brothers, both currently enrolled in Acton Academy and works hard to keep things running well in the family businesses. She is excited to be a part of this amazing program and the people involved in it.

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