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Education Should Be Meaningful.

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to blaze their own trail


to lead others to greatness


to articulate vision & ideas


a drive to impact the world for good

Empower Your Child For Life


Learn to Do

Real World Skills & The Habit of Hard Work


Learn to Learn

Strategies & Processes


Learn to Be

Character & Matters of The Heart

We believe clear thinking leads to good decisions,
Good decisions lead to the right habits,
The right habits lead to character,
and Character becomes destiny.

How? Three Simple Principles.

Watch "Learn to Learn"

Learning to LEARN

Processes, strategies and recipes that lead to deep learning and create the habits of critical thinking and effective problem solving.

  • goal setting & tracking
  • time management
  • collaboration

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Learning to DO

Practicing real-world skills that can be applied now and in the future. Doing gets beyond theory to allow learners to try something, fail, regroup and try again.

  • communication
  • hands on leadership experiences
  • applied science

Watch "Learn to Be"

Learning to BE

Simply put: character & matters of the heart. We want Heroes near the end of a successful, satisfying and fulfilling life to have the answer to three important questions:

  • Did I contribute something meaningful?
  • Was I a good person?
  • Who did I love and who loved me?

This is the Acton difference.

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