Brad and Michelle Bowen - Co-directors at Acton Leadership Academy

Brad & Michelle Bowen are originally from Idaho, but feel right at home in Texas! They have six children and have been educating them at home for the past four {crazy}, years! During that time, Michelle has spent her time diving deep into questions like, “what is REAL education?” and “how can I foster DEEP, LIFELONG learning (as opposed to teaching to a test) in my children?” Her research resulted in finding many satisfying answers---that proved very difficult to implement in a home environment, especially with six children. Brad lovingly supported the “crazy way of educating our children” from afar until Michelle began to read to him (we were in the car on a long road trip—he couldn’t escape!!) from Courage To Grow, a book about how Acton Academy came to be. After a few pages, Brad was hooked too.

“Do we need to start a school so our kids can go there?” Together they decided that although they would miss having all of the children at home, Acton was what their children—AND ALL CHILDREN—deserve; an education that is driven by choice, fosters independence, and results in a deep love for learning and discovery. While this new adventure is taking most of Michelle’s time now, in the past she has owned and operated a Children’s Performing Arts School, worked as an independent graphic designer and photographer and been involved with Community Theater. Brad’s education is in Human Resources and Corporate Training. He also loves musical theater, working with technology and gadgets, marketing/sales and teaching an early morning religion class for teenagers from their church. Together, Brad and Michelle enjoy tropical vacations and traveling.

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Our Team

Mindy McLane, The Illuminator

Someone who shines/adds light to a dark space.

Navigation High School Guide & Team Leader

LeighAnn Blackwelder, Pollyanna

One who sees the good in all people and situations and is able to bring out the good through persistent kindness.

Elementary School Guide

Rachel McDermott, The Truth Walker

Discovering truth is of little consequence, if one does not then let that truth guide their life

Early Elementary Guide

Jake Grady, The Socratic Coach

“I can not teach anybody anything, I can only make them think.” -Socrates

Middle School Studio Guide

Jen Rogers, StarSight

“Guiding each star to it’s destiny.”

Floating Guide & Team Coach

Jodi Bench, The X Factor

A variable in a given situation that could have the most significant impact on the outcome.

Floating Guide & Team Coach

Dennis Adams, MacGyver and Anita Adams, The Sophisticate

MacGyver: Make or repair in an improvised or inventive way, making use of whatever items are at hand.

The Sophisticate: To make someone or something more sophisticated

Board Members

Wendy Eldredge, The Socratic Gadfly

A fly to sting people into a fury, in the service of truth and to goad the 'steed' into awareness of its duties and obligations.

Elementary School Guide & Team Leader

Braylee Bowen, Puddin’ (as in:) “Proof is in the”

1) A sweet, delightsome treat.
2) The best way to know if something is true or not is to experience it firsthand that and establishes a fact or the truth of something.

Linna Rowell, Sun*Shine

1) Direct sunlight unbroken by cloud, especially spreading over a large area.
2) The unending spread of cheerfulness & happiness.

Early Elementary Studio Guide

Cristina McLane, The Anchor

A Person that provides stability or confidence in an otherwise uncertain situation.

Britain Morris, Creative Consultant

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